Sell Hashrate on Rigly

Earn more from your hashrate

Earn more from your hashrate

Mining plans offer a fixed payout premium on top of future spot hashprice

Why pay fees to a mining pool when you can earn more by listing on Rigly?

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Grow the bitcoin community

Bitcoin mining is awesome. Listing your hashrate allows more bitcoiners to mine and share the joy in earning bitcoin directly from the protocol

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How do payouts work?

You receive payment in bitcoin based on hashrate received at our stratum proxy

Your hashprice is based on a canonical data source: Luxor, Poolin, or

Funds are held in multisig escrow. You receive payouts at each mining difficulty adjustment

Rigly's payout premium is 5% over FPPS hashprice

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What if my mining sells for a low price?

Rigly offers miners a fixed premium over future spot hashprice

Regardless of your listing's auction close price, you earn the payout premium

Rigly covers any difference in future hashprice while we build out our marketplace

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Where do I sign up?

We are working with select miners as we develop Rigly. Please send us an email to learn more

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