180 TH/s Gridless Mining Kenya

180 TH/s | 30 days

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  • Start mining with hashrate powered by micro hydro in Kenya


    * To give priority electricity access to the community, mining will experience planned downtime up to 6 hours/day

    * Your mining is based on 180 TH/s for 18 hours/day for 30 days

    * 540 hours total

    * The calculator hashprice is based on 24 hours/day

    * You may adjust the number of days or speed in the calculator to reflect the above

    There is immense demand for reliable, clean, and affordable energy across Africa, yet mini-grid energy generators struggle for sustainability. Gridless works with renewable, rural, mini-grid energy generators to monetize the full capacity of their output as a buyer of last resort, as well as serving as an anchor tenant for new energy generation creation. They do this by providing an elastic compute intensive baseload on-site and on-demand using mini-data centers which mine Bitcoin.

    The Problems Bitcoin Mining Solves:

    - It can be up to 4x more expensive to pay for electricity in a small village (cost per Kw) compared to a large city

    - Initial investment is expensive, and time required to wire up the community is long

    - Lack of a sizable anchor customer creates an almost impossible ROI position for power projects

    - Energy development companies find it hard to secure financing for new projects

    Bitcoin mining provides a solution. As the consumer demand for electricity grows in a community, the Bitcoin mining can be decreased as needed.

    Learn more: Gridless

  • Seller Gridless

    Term 30 days

    Minimum Hashrate 180 TH/s average/day

    Service Level Agreement  You will see planned outages in your mining. If minimum hashrate duration of 18 hours/day is not met, extend by duration of outage

    Seller deposit  100%

  • Your auction payment is protected with Trustless Mining* multisig escrow. In Q2, we're introducing the ability for you to approve release of funds after your hashrate is delivered. Interested in our beta test program? please send an email to hello@rigly.io or reply to your auction win notification email for details.

  • Enter your max bid. Auction bids will occur on your behalf up to this amount