Rigly is a new mining marketplace

Now you can bid on mining hashrate and start mining at a fair market price - without buying hardware

Trustless Mining

In our model, Sellers are paid after hashrate is delivered. If your miner fails to deliver, you receive a refund

  • Sign up

    Just click the "Sign Up" link on the upper right, fill it out and verify your email

  • Bid

    Review the auctions, place your bid, and you may pay in bitcoin or Lightning if you're the winning bidder

  • Setup

    After checkout, you'll receive a confirmation email and a mining pool account.

    If you already have a mining pool account elsewhere, you may configure your hashrate to go there

  • Your mining

    You receive hashrate based on your plan terms

  • Your hashrate

    Your plan starts once you receive hashrate in your mining pool account

  • Monitoring

    Your mining is monitored to ensure you receive your hashrate

How does your mining plan start?

After you win a mining auction, you receive a mining pool account and login to a web portal to configure your hashrate.

Already have a mining pool account Great! You may configure your hashrate to go there

What could go wrong?

If you don't get the hashrate you paid for, we've got your back.

All mining plans have a daily performance and uptime service level agreement (SLA) from the seller. If your mining subscription fails to meet the SLA, you receive make-up hashrate. If your miner disappears, you receive a refund

How can I trust Rigly?

We are a new project started by people who are passionate about bitcoin. Read our story