What is Rigly?

Rigly is a safe and simple way to start mining bitcoin right away

Mining for everyone

We created Rigly so everyone can enjoy mining bitcoin

In the early days of bitcoin, everyone could mine bitcoin on their computer. Over time, bitcoin grew and specialized hardware - GPUs, then FPGAs, and now ASICs - became necessary for mining

Today, ASIC mining rigs require significant investment and management, and are often installed close to energy plants. Rigly allows you buy hashrate from these miners and participate in mining

Mining with less risk

If you buy an ASIC mining rig, you risk losing a lot of money if it goes offline. Rigly solves this problem.

Rigly mining plans are backed by security deposits. If your miner goes temporarily offline, your mining is automatically extended. If it goes offline for good, you receive your money back. Simple.

Who we are

Evan Baer

Evan iterates on Rigly each day. Previously he led the R&D infrastructure group at a global trading firm. In his early career, he built one of the first internet providers in Australia. He has a passion for bitcoin mining.

Nico Preti

Nico grows Rigly each day. Previously he managed communications for Poolin and btc.com. He is a long-time writer in the bitcoin space and participant in the bitcoin network.

Adam Jonas

Jonas spearheads educational initiatives and brings things to life at Chaincode Labs. He previously worked as an engineer in the education space after transitioning from his former role developing the talents of professional baseball players. His preferred nonce is 42.

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