Frequently Asked Questions

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There are 2 ways to bid: "normal" and "proxy" bidding

  • To place a normal bid: enter your bid above the current bid, by the minimum increment (1,000 sats)
  • To place a proxy bid: enter the maximum amount you will pay

When you place a normal bid, you will likely be immediately outbid if there is an open proxy bid.

When you place a proxy bid, you'll see bids placed automatically (up to your limit) as the auction moves forward.

You will see (You) listed next to the current bid.

All bids are anonymous on Rigly, so all bids (other than yours) will say Anon.

Bitcoin mining

Rigly mining plans allow you to start mining bitcoin without buying an expensive ASIC mining rig. Auctions offer a new way to obtain hashrate at a fair market price.

You can apply your hashrate to support the network via pooled or solo mining. Mining enables you to earn bitcoin right from the protocol and potentially earn a profit, depending on future mining difficulty and market conditions.

^ The above is not investment advice.

You can monitor your mining at your mining pool. You will receive email status updates from Rigly when your mining begins and ends.

All bitcoin mining pools are supported by Rigly.

We suggest you use a PPS or FPPS pools for consistent rewards. Many Rigly users use Braiins pool or Luxor pool.

Payout times will vary by mining pool. See your pool for details.

Many pools offer a minimum payout amount of 0.001 BTC.

Rigly is bitcoin only.

The output of mining rigs (hashrate) is not a security. Rigly's mining subscriptions are tied to real-world ASIC mining rigs listed by mining farms around the world. These rigs produce hashes per your configuration and you are in control of how your hashrate is utilized.

Your mining profitability depends upon a number of factors: future mining difficulty, hashprice, transaction fees and more. Mining profits will vary based on pool payout method.

Mining Plans

Yes. Your mining hashrate price includes all electricity and hosting facility costs. 

No one knows where mining difficulty and hashprice will be in the future. Rigly offers a way for bitcoin miners to potentially earn more from their hashrate, over the long term, than they would by mining themselves.

Our auction platform fee is 3% and is paid by the buyer. The fee is paid via hashrate. During your mining term, you will see a periodic drop in received hashrate when the fee is paid.

All payments are in bitcoin (BTC) based on the transaction price in bitcoin.

Payment and deposits

If your plan's ASIC mining rigs fail to perform within the Service Level Agreement or go offline for an extended period of time, you receive an extension or a refund based on the percentage downtime.

If your mining experiences an outage, is below the speed average/day, or otherwise fails to deliver, you will receive a refund based on the TH/s you should have received. However, Rigly is not able to refund if you change your mind or otherwise want to cancel your mining.

Rigly is not cloud mining. All our mining plan listings are backed by real machines. Your mining fee is held in escrow while hashrate is delivered.